5 Proven Ways to Shed Unwanted Body Fat

So many people are trying to lose weight but they are finding that it is much harder than they expected. The problem is that many of us have been given the wrong information about how to lose weight. Without the proper information, it is nearly impossible.

Many doctors will tell you that the best way to lose unwanted body fat is to reduce your caloric intake and exercise more. Ever since that idea was put out to the public in the 1950’s, obesity rates have risen from 9.4% to over 35% today; according to livingstrong.com. This leaves us the question, what will it finally take to fight the flab and shed unwanted body fat?

There are several ways to shed the unwanted fat on your body. I am going to share five key ways to make it happen:

1. Sugar. According to Fed Up, the main reason people struggle with losing unwanted body fat is because of the amount of refined sugar they are eating. According to USD.gov, the average person is consuming 52 teaspoons of sugar per day. The problem with this is that your body does not know how to digest this processed sugar. Therefore, it turns the sugar into fat. So if you want to shed unwanted body fat then you need to cut out the processed sugars.

2. Natural. You need to increase the amount of natural unprocessed foods that you eat. Your body was made to eat natural fruits, vegetables and meats. When you feed your body these foods your body will reward you by shedding the excess weight. You do not need to buy all of the ‘diet’ foods that are on the market; just think natural.

3. Stop dieting. If you want to shed the excess weight then you are going to have to stop dieting and make a lifestyle change. Diets fail because once a person goes off of the diet they gain the weight back, and usually gain more than what they lost. You need to create a plan that you can stick to for the rest of your life; not just temporarily.

4. Habits.  Begin monitoring your daily routines. If you are struggling to lose your excess weight, one of the best things you can do is monitor your activity and food intake. Many people are not aware of their own habits, but if you begin tracking what you are eating, your cues and habits, then it will help you become more aware of what you are doing.

5. Exercise is going to make the weight fall off even faster. You need to make sure that you have an exercise program, so that you can build muscle while shedding the pounds at the same time. Ensure that you include aerobics as well as strength training in your routine as well.


If you are serious about shedding unwanted fat, begin following these tips. For expert support and guidance toward reaching your best health, checkout our proven Programs

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