3 Foods to STOP Eating Now

If you have struggled with trying to lose weight, you may have tried a few fad diets, worked out for hours on end and may have even tried 'miracle' diet pills to trim the weight. However there are 3 foods to stay away from that will end the struggle.


Many people will tell you, in order to lose weight you have to reduce your calories and exercise more, but as you probably already know that does not work alone. What does work however is removing specific items from your diet and adhering to a balanced nutrition plan. Remove these foods from your diet, and start noticing a change on the scale and improvement in overall health as well. 


1.   Processed foods are the number one thing you need to eliminate from your diet. If it does not come from the earth, it does not belong in your body. Did you know these processed foods are packed full of sugar in order to give them flavor? A recent study showed when rats who were addicted to cocaine were given the choice between cocaine and sugar water they chose the sugar water. It has also been proven sugar has the same effect on your brain as cocaine. You would not put cocaine into your body so why would you put sugar in it? Even if the food is no calorie or low calorie you do not want to eat it as it is actually formulated to make you gain weight. Remember food producers are not in the business to make you eat less, they want to make money, which means they need you to consume more.

2.   Avoid eating foods containing aspartame. Many try to lose weight by replacing the sugar with aspartame, which is the ingredient used in diet beverages, gum and other low calorie foods. The first thing you need to know is aspartame has been linked to dizziness, loss of memory and even cancer. The second thing you need to know is aspartame has been proven to make you gain weight! When your body tastes the sweet flavor of aspartame it then expects a rise in sugar, but when this does not happen your body begins sending messages to your brain telling you need sugar, thus causing food cravings.

3.  Stop eating imitations of healthy 'real' foods. If you want to see the fat melt off of your body you need to eat real food for example butter instead of margarine. Your body knows how to process butter as long as it is made from all natural ingredients, your body does not know how to process chemicals so it stores them in your fat cells therefore causing you to gain weight!

If you want to lose weight and reach your optimal health, watch for these dangerous types of foods. Instead of the settling for the artificial knockoffs, resolve to eat nutrient rich foods from the earth!

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