You Have Time

As I was passing a funeral procession the other day a realization came to me:   These same people disgruntled, angry and just straight-up bothered by slowing down or stopping for 60 seconds or less, these same people are the ones that say they don't have 15-20 minutes to workout a day.

I was in awe and disbelief at how many people were just trying to speed ahead and ignore the oncoming procession, or how they'd get visibly upset for someone else slowing in front of them.  Then I saw the tail end of the procession and how many non-procession cars had sneaked in, gaining that one or two extra spots or invaluable seconds.  Unreal.

It was a bizarre juxtaposition were all these people frenzied, thinking they were somehow gaining time, versus a lone person who truly had run all their time.

I was reminded of my Grandpa's funeral procession years ago, and how similarly impatient and self-centered everyone who wasn't involved was.  He had served in the Navy for over twenty years, a proper military funeral with full honors was about to take place but nobody on the outside cared.  No respect, and instead, haste.  

As the frustration began to boil and I thought, "are people always like this?" I then saw a construction worker in the middle of the road we were on, dropped his work immediately, stopped whatever he was doing, took his hard hat off and placed it on his chest as we passed...I was floored.  I was almost taken to tears thinking of the stark contrast.     

The point is, you have time to slow down for a minute or two and pay respects to another being belonging to your same species.  If nothing else, you just need to slow down for a minute.  You have time.  You have time to carve out for those workouts you always talk about wanting to start.  When you say, "I don't have time" it should be rather, "I don't make time".  The age old saying, "We all have the same 24 hours each day" rings so very true.  It's priorities that differ.  Be the construction worker who, amid his busy work, stopped, stood tall, and had time.  You have time.         

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27 September, 2018

Scott Myers

I always find your content on point, but this really hit home, thank you!

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