Glued to Your Desk? 9 Tips to Prioritize your Well-being at Work

If you work behind a desk all day, you know the effects the environment can have on your body. There is good news. Avoid the soreness and strain on your body when you include these simple habits into your daily routine.

Posture is Priority
If you want to reduce the amount of strain inflicted on your body while you are working at your desk the first thing you need to focus on is posture.

•  Keep your back straight. When you first start focusing on good posture you will have to remind yourself often to sit up straight, but with time it will become habit.

•  Keep your neck straight as well. You don’t want to always be looking up or down so make sure that your chair is adjusted so you are looking straight ahead when working on your computer.

Movement is a Must.
Posture is a key element, but there is more you need to implement. If you want to reduce or reverse your health risks you need to get up and move.

•  Set a timer and make sure that when it goes off you get out of your chair and stretch or go through some routine exercises.

•  Go for a short walk on your breaks instead of moving from one sitting position to another.

•  Be physical when you are at home. Just because you sit all day at work does not mean that you need to sit when you get home. Find a hobby that you enjoy that is physical such as hiking. Even cleaning the house when you get home from work is better than sitting on the couch.

•  Create a standing work station. You should spend no more than 50 percent of your time sitting and you can reduce this time if you have a standing work station. When you are tired of sitting, stand…and vice versa.

Eliminate Eye Strain.
Eye strain can cause headaches, low motivation and even effect your sleep at night making an 8-hour workday miserable.

•  Look away from your work at least once per minute. If you are working on a computer don’t stare at the screen and if you are working in paper form make sure you look away periodically.

•  Avoid tasks that cause eye strain when away from work.

Remember to create a habit takes around 21 days for an individual, so make intentional efforts during the first month to create a new lifestyle! To learn more about Habit Stacking click here.

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