Why Train? 23 Big Answers

In running through my emails I recently came across one with a question that struck me.  It was such a simple, yet very important question.  I thought about it instantly, and then for the rest of the day and started articulating not just an answer, but a list of answers.

"Hello Travis, I love your new Diet & Workout Templates, I currently just finished the Busy Professional one and wanted to thank you for making these.  They are well put together and easy to follow.  Thank-you for sharing your solutions and experience with.  I know you are busy but I've been conflicted recently and wanted to get your feedback... I'm an in-shape 39 year old father working 50 hours a week.  I'm no athlete and I'm not very competitive I guess you could say.  So what is my motivation for working out?  I struggle with that.  I don't have a goal or date, a 5k or anything like that and I'm ok with that.  But why am I doing all this?  Why do you train?"       

"Why do you Train?"

  1. For physical and mental health.
  2.  For self-improvement.  To better yourself.  You alone.  Better than the day before.
  3. To challenge yourself physically, mentally, even spiritually.
  4. Doing something so simple, yet very hard has immense psychological benefits.
  5. To develop will and resiliency that serves you in the toughest of times.  I talk a lot about our "Willpower Muscle".
  6. To some this may be extreme, or a stretch, but how about honoring all soldiers who have fought and died in wars before you, or the victims who didn't have a choice or chance; it is part of our DNA to fight and protect ourselves.  I think about soldiers and my friends in the armed forces when I am in rough weight cut or training program, or before a match...puts things into perspective and a smile on my face.  
  7. To prove to yourself that you can change through sheer will.
  8. In a world of "easy", it's hard.  Sharpen your axe.  
  9. Because we don't live in the 1800's anymore and it's a lot harder to die from measles or a fever these days, respect that fact and choose "hard"  
  10. So you can take care of others, especially loved ones
  11. Being stronger is always better than being weak.  
  12. To understand that there is cause and effect to action; and inaction.
  13. Removal of dependence.  Shows personal responsibility.  You are in control of you, yourself, and your body.  No one else, not chance or bad luck, etc.    
  14. To be a great example to others, to your children; fat, weak, ignorant and entitled are not quality role model traits to exude.  
  15. To exhaust your body and mind so as to put up with the tests, the weak fools and ignorant beggars who want what you have earned.
  16. A stronger body equals a stronger mind.
  17. To learn self-reliance.
  18. To be a leader (in your house, relationship, work, group of friends, etc.)
  19. To understand that compassion and empathy is noble but not given lightly.
  20. When we get much older we will wish we could do just one more push-up, one more squat, one more run or even one more flight of stairs.  Don't take it for granted.   
  21. Because you either step up, or step down. 
  22. Because you don't ever want to stop.  Don't give up on yourself.  Certain things in life you'll need to stop or step away from and it will be a hard choice, but don't ever give up on yourself.  Keep going.  
  23. Because a mentally and physically strong person will always be needed in this world.

For starters, that's a few reasons why.  Hope this helps!  Thank you for your thought provoking question and for your continued support!

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