2 Ways to Suffer

"Struggle is a terrible thing to waste." - Charlie Plumb, 6 year Hanoi Hilton Prisoner of War

Everyone endures some type of suffering.  Hopefully it's not that severe or extreme, but our suffering can be calculated daily.  There are levels to how we suffer, but it can be broken down into two distinct ways. 

A friend of mine, someone I faced off with in competition on the mat years ago, a jiu-jitsu black belt living in Maine, teacher, father, husband, Jarod Lawton said it best recently:

"Suffer ill health or suffer through training.

Suffer through sacrifice and discipline or suffer through regret.

Suffer in the short term by living within your means or suffer in the long term by being a slave to things you don’t need.

I really believe for the most part we are in control of choosing our suffering.

If you are thinking about changing your life for the better but thinks it’s impossible or the struggle is too great...

Realize there is an equal struggle either way, but the rewards are far different."

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