Diet & Workout Program for Older Adults

Program Overview

You know the key to health and happiness is staying active. You are not as fast or strong or lean as you used to be, and you are not the student athlete you once were but you can still work out and run circles around kids almost half your age. You might have to modify certain exercises and accommodate for certain joint pain but your experience and instincts play heavily in your favor. You would still love to increase your energy, as well as strength while shedding some stubborn body fat, and you will.  

Here's What You Get:

  1. 60 Day Easy-to-Follow Program Template
  2. Training Calendar
  3. Exercise Breakdown sheet shows every important "must-do" exercise in video format
  4. Detailed Example Meal Plan with the very simple, Quick Macronutrient Intake Calculator
  5. The Grocery List
  6. 2 Key Recipes
  7. Progress or Performance Acceleration Tips

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