Diet & Workout Program for Moms

Program Overview

You don’t have time to go to some gym. Your day is packed full of anything and everything tasks and a seemingly never ending to-do list, but first and foremost taking care of, watching and raising your little one(s) is number one. You are always exhausted and the thought of expending valuable energy you don’t even have towards a workout isn’t that appealing. You want to regain your pre-pregnancy weight and better, you want to be reach your all-time best shape ever. You need a quick option, something you can do at home in the window of time your little one is napping.

Here's What You Get:

  1. 60 Day Easy-to-Follow Program Template
  2. Training Calendar
  3. Exercise Breakdown sheet shows every important "must-do" exercise in video format
  4. Detailed Example Meal Plan with the very simple, Quick Macronutrient Intake Calculator
  5. The Grocery List
  6. 2 Key Recipes
  7. Progress or Performance Acceleration Tips

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