Diet & Workout Program for Fighters

Program Overview

You want to be the best. You don’t have any trouble with motivation or dedication to your craft. You want to perform your absolute best week in and week out, preparing for that next fight. You want a streamlined approach that maximizes your efforts, energy and skills. You train very hard so you need a Diet that focuses on recovery to get you to your next training session, healthy and energized. Weight is also an issue in fighting, so you need to keep your body fat low while optimizing endurance, strength and power. You have big goals. You are a Warrior on the path.

Here's What You Get:

  1. 60 Day Easy-to-Follow Program Template
  2. Training Calendar
  3. Exercise Breakdown sheet shows every important "must-do" exercise in video format
  4. Detailed Example Meal Plan with the very simple, Quick Macronutrient Intake Calculator
  5. The Grocery List
  6. 2 Key Recipes
  7. Progress or Performance Acceleration Tips

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