Underground in Myrtle Beach, SC

This past week I made the trip out to beautiful Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to get some beach time and take Underground on the road once again.  While there I discovered the famed Gold's Gym hidden back from 17 hwy behind a grove of tall Carolina Redwoods.  Along with being a dungeon-like meca of Golden Age bodybuilding past, a Brazilian Top Team affiliate school was being ran there as well.

I inquired and learned that Marcelo Araujo had set up shop there after earning his black belt from Rilion Gracie.  I ended up training and rolling with Marcelo, spending some invaluable time on the mat.  I found Marcelo to be a great new friend and coach as well as a true BJJ practitioner, having trained at the top with BTT, Alliance, Gracie Barra, and ATT.  Check out the short story and Marcelo's website here:

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