New Year Reflections: 2010

Father Time has turned us into a new year once again, 2010 it is.  Every new year brings with it resolutions and a new beginning; a chance to change for the better.  No one ever thinks about changing for the worse, like “Hey I’m going to nab high cholesterol and diabetes this year!”  So I encourage you to reflect on the previous year, or two or three.  Think about your resolutions and goals in those times and why you haven’t accomplished them, or fallen just short.

A new year is a chance for us to pause for a momment from our busy lives, families, and crazy schedules and just...think.  We get so used to rolling in and out of every day, that daily grind, for self-preservation we have to stop and reflect.  A new year forces us to do so.  Questions that you can ask yourself that transend into any area of your life, be it health, family, or career are:  Did I reach my goals last year?  Why didn I?  Did I even set any goals?  How will this year be different?  Where do I want to be in one year?  Five years?

As you reflect, direct your thoughts ahead, to the future and new year.  New start.  Regardless of what has happened in past years, this new year and decade will be different.  I challenge you to challenge yourself!  Take a risk this year.  Do something you normally wouldn’t do.  I took a spontaneous trip over 20hrs nonstop to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina this past June to see the ocean for the very first time.  It had to be done, it was well past due.  Help someone.  Fix something.  Be kinder to people.  Stand up for yourself.  Learn a language or musical instrument.  Produce this year.

The definition of resolution is “a resolve or determination”  I say to keep your resolutions, your resolve and determination, you must reflect constantly.  It’s easy to make resolutions and goals, we all do year after year.  However, it’s just as easy to break them or fail.  Early January engulfs us in the spirit of change and hope; hope for a better tomorrow and new year.  It’s already the 6th day (no, not the Arnold movie), how is your new year going so far?  Is your resolve and determination fading already?  I charge you to keep the New Year spirit, that thought with you as you reflect throughout this year.  That is the key to dominating this year and smashing through your goals, resolutions, and ambitions...New Year’s reflections.

Happy, Productive New Year!

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