5 Ways to Beat Exercise Burnout

The enthusiasm that got your new exercise plan kickstarted won't last forever, so take intentional steps to avoid exercise burnout. You have to stick with your exercise and nutrition plan for the long term to get the amazing results you want. Luckily, there are many ways to keep your motivation up and avoid exercise burnout. 

Mix it up
Doing the same exercise routine every day will increase the chances for burnout! Make sure you incorporate a variety of activities into your exercise plan: running, swimming, weight training, competitive sports, biking and anything else that you enjoy. According to Women's Health, exercise variety has both physical and psychological benefits. When you mix up your routine often, different muscle groups are challenged, helping you to reach your goals even faster getting an overall workout. 

Personal trainer
Personal training can be an winning strategy to avoid exercise burnout. A personal trainer will help you find new moves and techniques to exercise and motivate you to reach for more challenging goals. Additionally, having a trainer to report to will keep you on track and accountable even on the most challenging days. 

Keep it fun
When you mix up your exercise routine it keeps you interested, but incorporates elements to make it fun. If you usually run on a treadmill, try running along a trail outdoors. If you usually work out alone, bring a friend or challenge them to a competition. The more you can incorporate exercise into your daily life and make it something to look forward to, the easier it will be to stick with your exercise plan.

Keep challenging yourself
If you stick with your plan consistently, a day will come when your daily run isn't challenging you anymore. At this point, decide to take on the challenge to take a longer route, run up some hills, or increase your speed. No matter how you exercise, there are always ways to turn it up a notch.  Set new goals -each one a slight bit more difficult - and you will never become bored with your routine.

Listen to your body
Pushing your body to achieve new challenges is a big part of exercise, but it's important to listen to its’ needs. If your legs feel worn out, that's no excuse for a day on the couch, but it is a sign that today might be a great opportunity to focus on arms and abs while your leg muscles recover. By listening to your body and giving every muscle group a chance to recover while working on others, you can prevent both injury and burnout.

Exercising is the easy part. Staying motivated to do it is the challenge. With these five tips you can easily stay on track to reaching your goals. 

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